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COUI's NEW Financial Literacy Program!
Teens learn about bank accounts, loans, budgeting, financial recovery and more.
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CDC Pregnancy Prevention Program
COUI joins the CDC to help fight teenage pregnancy.
Teen reading to toddler
COUI's Teens and Toddlers Program
Teens paired with toddlers help each other.
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Teens & Toddlers Graduates
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A COUI Teens and Toddlers' student holding a toddler.
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We are a proud member of the Woodland Hills - Tarzana Chamber of Commerce
We are a proud member of the WH-Tarzana Chamber of Commerce


Laura Huxley, Founder

As the founder of CHILDREN: OUR ULTIMATE INVESTMENT (COUI), the late Laura Huxley dedicated her life to advocating for the rights of children. Her unwavering conviction and personal mission was to see to it that the smallest and most vulnerable among us are heard and respected. To successfully achieve this goal, Laura Huxley adopted the following principles as the organization's basis to serve the adolescent community:

  • Committed to helping at-risk teens become productive citizens of society;
  • Create educational opportunities that teach teens to respect themselves and others;
  • COUI accepts the unique qualities of all children;
  • Help initiate behavorial change in teens through positive reinforcement.


Our mission is to educate and prepare our youth to reach their full potential through programs that address teen pregnancy prevention, non-violent parenting, life skills, continued education and job opportunities.


Please help COUI continue its efforts in educating at-risk youth on teen pregnancy prevention, continued education and job opportunities. See how you can Support COUI today.