Moving forward, we have identified the need to add FINANCIAL LITERACY as a new separate program from T&T. (More on both programs below).

Financial Literacy

Money Bag

On August 6, 2014 the CalCPA (California Certified Puplic Accountants) held the California Financial Literacy Summit in the city of Burbank where educators, legislators, financial and non-profit professionals gathered to discuss and learn more about driving change in the state and local governments.

With the passage in California of bill AB 166, promoting education budgeting, students' loans and managing consumer debt in California high school curriculum, legislators heard back from attendees about the best ways to integrate financial education in the classroom. However, what was not taken into account was the length of time the development of approved curriculum may take to roll-out to LAUSD (Los Angleles Unified School District). This is the second largest school district in the country, which most likely means it will take some years! Overlooking the number of individuals currently needing education while searching for work, starting a business, working or attending higher education. While the change begins, the need to educate must continue. The 2014 Harris Interactive survey conducted for the AICPA: Bankrate.com June 2014 Financial Security Index indicates that:

  • The Majority of Americans are feeling financial stress
  • 26% of Americans have no emergency savings at all
  • 24% have less than three months expenses saved

While the lack of financial literacy is a growing concern for everyone today, relatively little research has been done on how young people think about and experience money and finances. Armed with the knowledg that nearly a third of high school seniors use credit cards and even more have ATM cards, many don't know the basics of budgeting, saving and planning for their financial future. As a result, many young Americans are entering adulthood without basic financial education - and with debt! According to the above survey, teens believe that as adults they will earn an average salary of $145,000. In reality adults with a bachelor degree earned an average of $54,756.00 in 2011.

Children: Our Ultimat Investment's Financial Literacy proram is based on the FDIC curriculum, with a possible career development section to be added, based on the O*NET online curriculum. There are 11 segments that guide the participant through simple banking services, assessing their ability to manage credit, checking accounts, loans, home ownership, financial recovery, etc. and a 12th possible future segment which focuses on matching individuals to a suited career path to sustain a family at the same time they build wealth for retirement.

We see this program as a key element to support lower income, underemployed families with ways to think of means to increase revenues, build savings and ultimately increase total amount of annual income.

We are especially excited about possible collaboration with two local LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) divisions in our area, which have expressed interest in allowing us to "pilot" this new program with their established youth programs.

Teens & Toddlers

Teen With Diploma

CHILDREN: OUR ULTIMATE INVESTMENT (COUI) provides at-risk teenagers with the necessary life skills to successfully enter adulthood. We offer opportunities to advance in education and job training skills to help youth become productive citizens of society.


History Overview

CHILDREN: OUR ULTIMATE INVESTMENT (COUI) began in 1977 by founder Laura Huxley (1911 – 2007) on the simple premise that all children deserve a good start in life, with parents that are prepared. Fueled by her passion and drive to make a difference in the lives of the youngest among us, Mrs. Huxley realized that the two age groups that could learn from each other and were the most vulnerable were teenagers and toddlers. In 1998, the Teens and Toddlers pilot program was established in two Los Angeles County schools, where at-risk teens were paired with daycare center toddlers to get a realistic view of childcare. Today the program continues to address the issue of teenage pregnancy in Los Angeles County by giving adolescents the opportunity to become roll models to toddlers and in turn, give to their little friends what many of the teens have not been given: guidance, nurturing and love.

How The Program Works

The Teens & Toddlers (T&T) program is a 15-week human development and life skills program for teens, ages 15 - 19, which focuses on social-emotional relationships and reproductive health through classroom instruction, as well as service learning in a preschool setting, which offers them hands-on practice of the skills they are learning during classroom time and one-to-one mentoring experience with a 'toddler'.

Graduates of the program have learned ‘real world’ skills such as anger management, interpersonal skills, goal setting and even resume building; they are able to make responsible decisions based upon critical thinking, and are equipped to become productive members of society. For the future we are working to add a third element: individual life-coaching sessions delivered by trained professionals for teen participants. All program facilitators have some background in psychology or a related field.

Teen pregnancy is only a symptom. We aim to address the issues behind its occurrence by providing teenagers with alternative choices to becoming parents before they are truly ready. Our curriculum addresses the following key points to aid our youth's choices and better equip them for their future:

  • Social consciousness and responsibility for one’s own actions;
  • Sexual health and an understanding of the risks involved in teen pregnancy and sexual activity;
  • Interpersonal skills and disciplines for creating happier, healthier relationships.


Laura Huxley, Founder
Laura Huxley, Founder
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COUI Board of Directors
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