Our mission is to educate and prepare our youth to reach their full potential through programs that address teen pregnancy prevention, non-violent parenting, life skills, continued education and job opportunities.

COUI's Teens and Toddlers program has taught children to respect themselves and those they love and care for.


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Teen helps Preschool staff manage the class

The Teens and Toddlers program addresses the challenges teens face on the cusp of entiring adulthood. From teenage pregnancy to abuse in the home, T&T students are taught how to handle difficult situations through conflict resolution and deflect challenging situations with non-violent actions.

This innovative work-study program gives teenagers work experience, a sense of accomplishment, and provides consistent results.

Graduates of the program have learned ‘real world’ skills, are able to make responsible decisions based upon critical thinking, and begin making alternative choices and become productive members of society. Some of the program advantages include the following:

  • Postponing of pregnancy for work skills and career advancement;
  • Increased interest in learning;
  • A new-found sense of self-confidence, respect for themselves and others;
  • The ability to make informed choices based upon their own decisions and not through peer pressure;
  • Education of STDs and awareness of sexual responsibility helps reduce personal crises, social stressors, and burden to taxpayers, government social services and public assistance programs;
  • Lower truancy and crime rates based on having productive activities and choices, and tools for creating healthy interpersonal relationships.


Laura Huxley, Founder
Laura Huxley, Founder
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COUI Board of Directors
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